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Making a Perfectly Balanced
Whole Food Supplement

The keys to BarleyGreen's nutritional superiority are the organic farming methods and the patented and award winning process designed to keep the nutrients found in fresh barley grass juice active and bioavailable.

Organic Cultivation

Organic Cultivation

YOUNG Barley Grass
Barley leaves are harvested at 8-14 inches high, when all the nutrients are at their peak. 

Young Barely Grass

Rapid Processing
As soon as the barley grass is harvested, it is taken to the factory where the process of turning it into powder begins. The time elapsed between harvesting the barley and producing the powdered juice extract is about 4 hours. This minimizes harmful oxidation which can cause destruction of vital and delicate nutrients. 

Rapid Processing

Pure Water Rinse
Immediately after delivery to our processing facility, the barley grass is rinsed with fresh, pure well water. No heat, detergents, or chemicals are ever used. 

Pure Water Rinse

Gentle Juice Extraction
The juice is gently separated from the tough, fibrous leaf. The delicate plant cells and nutrients are protected while the insoluble fiber is sent back to the fields to be used as an organic fertilizer. 

Gentle Juice Extraction

Spray-Dried Juice
In order to capture and protect the delicate nutrients and enzymes, Dr. Hagiwara developed a unique extraction and spray dry process that earned him Japan's prestigious Science and Technology Award. 

Spray Dried

Granulation for Solubility
The fine powder is turned into larger, uniformly-sized granules making it easier to dissolve in liquids. 


We Control the Whole Process
From farming to packaging, we control the entire process. Through every step of our manufacturing process, we perform rigorous quality control testing - from checking the soil to testing the finished product.